Wednesday, 27 May 2015

a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing...

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Hello everyone. Just a short anecdote this week. I can do brevity too, you know.

Have you ever ordered something you didn’t want as a result of a confusing or poorly thought out drinks menu?

Mrs Cake and I went out on a date on Saturday night, and called into a new tequila bar. We felt like getting hammered, so we thought we’d go for a cocktail and a shot each. So we picked our cocktails and I turned to a page of the menu that was headed, Blanco.

Now, maybe not everyone who might go out to a tequila bar would know, but I knew that unaged tequila is called blanco or white tequila. I did wonder why they didn’t have very many, and why I didn’t recognise any, but nevertheless I picked one and ordered two shots while Mrs Cake went and grabbed a table.

I was a bit confused when the bar man took a bottle from the fridge (who keeps their tequila in the fridge?), but not as confused as Mrs Cake when I arrived at the table carrying two cocktails and a large glass of wine… I’d been too embarrassed to correct my mistake, and the barman had obviously been too distracted to ask why someone would order two shots of wine, and just poured a large glass…

It turns out the tequila list is right at the back of the menu – the logical place, I suppose, if it’s a normal bar or restaurant menu, but this was a tequila bar; the tequila should be featured, right at the front, and the wine should be labelled white fucking wine, not blanco.

I suppose it’s true, sometimes a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

I'm off to see Babes in Toyland now then. I'll probably have a warm up drink before I go. I'm thinking of going hardcore, with the absinthe. Anyways, sorry for no posting this last week. I was very busy. I'll be back next week and I might be exploring some more of the products available at Aldi and Lidl. Until then, you know what to do.

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