Thursday, 26 January 2017

Spirit Log: Wild Turkey... 81?

I’d been intending to buy a new bottle of tequila at the start of the month, but I’m at that stage now where, if I want something of decent quality that I haven’t had before, I have to spend somewhere around £30. Given various economic factors, I couldn’t really be sure that was something I could afford to do, so instead I put thirty quid aside and told myself I’d get it later in the month if it looked like I was going to be (slightly more than) ok.
The month slowly passed, and I thought, goo on then, and added a bottle to my basket. I realised though, that I was heading off on holiday in a few days, so I might not be around to take delivery. I didn’t want to be worrying about it while I was away, so I decided to put the purchase off once again. I had ended up spending £15on a single bottle of beer anyway, that hadn’t been planned, so I could look at this as a £15 saving.
Then Mrs Cake said she was going to Tesco to stock up on food for a barbeque, and did I want anything. I had a quick look at Tesco Online, and found they were selling Wild Turkey 81 for £15, and told Mrs Cake to get that if they had it.
They did, but look at this; it ain’t Wild Turkey 81 no mo’. It’s still 40.5%, but now it’s just “Wild Turkey”. This new bottle actually makes it look like a shit supermarket own brand blended scotch, but that neck and stopper lend it a slight touch of class, I suppose.
Fifteen quid is good value though, and a price I’m happy to pay to see how the basic expression compares with the premium Kentucky Spirit that I was drinking earlier in the year.
Now, I opened this at poker night which, by rights, all bourbon should be opened at, but it led to nearly half the bottle being consumed on that one occasion. And this is good bourbon – it isn’t complicated, but it is tasty, replete with all you expect from the genre; sweet and playful. As you’d imagine, it isn’t as full-bodied or rich as the Kentucky Spirit, but it’s possible that it’s all the more enjoyable for that. There’s no messing around with water and, given the comparative prices, you can just enjoy this for what it is, instead of having to ask whether it was worth the extra outlay. I almost feel like I was getting cash back. I’m a little disappointed that I’m half a bottle down already, but then I just remember that it was only £15. I doubt I’ll ever get it this cheap again, but you’ve got to take it when you can get it.
Wild Turkey’s merits shouldn’t be understood purely in terms of value though. That would be to sell it short, because it’s very good. Not as luxurious as all-time bourbon favourite, Woodford ReserveDouble Oaked, but seriously enjoyable. Kentucky Spirit though, nearly made my 2016 Spirits of the Year list. Mind you, look at the price of that. I can’t say it’s that much better than this standard Wild Turkey – though it is better.

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