Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Aldi vs Lidl Update: Dundalgan Irish Country Cream

A short update now on our ongoing battle between budget supermarkets Aldi and Lidl. Just one product this time, and the post is quite brief, but anyways; on with the show.

Lidl’s own brand irish cream is packaged very much in the standard style – a darkly coloured, squat bottle with a picture of a meadow – and is a disappointing 15% alcohol.  Bucking the trend of so many of Lidl’s other alcoholic products though, this one is actually made in Ireland – and not then bottled in Germany. It costs £3.99 and is probably built on a base of Dundalgan Irish Whisky, which I haven’t tried.

Any good?

Over ice, this is one of those brands that falls into the category of dirty Irish cream. It’s just thin and watery – little more than alcoholic milk. And the milk is skimmed. There is nothing luxurious about it – nothing overtly unpleasant either, aside from the fact of feeling a bit dirty.

Luckily though, it is absolutely fine in coffee.


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  1. I don't know what they have done with Dundalgan. I have been buying it for years and have always been more than happy with it. I have it in my coffee which makes for a delightful creamy drink. However, I recently opened a bottle with an L17 batch code on it. It is thin, watery and doesn't turn my coffee a creamy white colour, but rather a muddy brown colour. I thought this was a one off, and opened another bottle, once again with an L17 batch code. It was as disappointing as the 1st bottle. Took the bottles back to Lidl, who to be fair swiftly replaced them with 2 new bottles. Alas, these had an L17 batch code on them as well. Needless to say, these were the same as the bottles taken back. Found another bottle at home with an L16 batch code on it, and this was fine. So, have they changed the recipe, if so, it is definitely not for the better, or is there a fault on all of the L17 batch?