Friday, 27 July 2012

Return of the Devil's Breath

In my previous post about alco-chilli hybrid The Devils Breath I described how I’d been hoping I could pour it into a glass and drink it - before noticing that it came in an atomiser bottle, thus implying that it was for sparing use, not for consumption with wanton abandon. Either that or it was for spraying on your wrists and neck…

It did occur to me though that it might be fun to spray it continuously into a glass until there was enough there to drink – but how would that work? How long would it take? Would it just evaporate before I was able to achieve a drinkable quantity? Would it be too hardcore for a part-time chilli enthusiast like me?

I was going to film it, and post it on here for you all to see, but one of my friends asked why I didn’t just unscrew the bottle and pour a glass. “You can’t unscrew it,” I said, while blissfully unaware that actually you could; I just hadn’t thought to check. So after a few weeks of waiting to get around to it, I finally tried a shot of The Devils Breath. I was making a curry, so I thought this was a good chance where imbibing a strong chilli concoction couldn’t ruin my taste buds for the evening.

I can now report that The Devils Breath is drinkable. The brandy is nice, the gold flecks look appealing, and yes, it is hot, but it wasn’t too hot that it became an unpleasant experience. Clearly the bottle isn’t big enough to facilitate this kind of use on a regular basis, but if you do want to test your chilli credentials, or if you’re a proper hardcore chilli enthusiast and chilli in your food isn’t enough so you need chilli in your drinks as well, you have no excuse for not unscrewing that cap and pouring some down your gullet. It burns a little on the tongue, but not in the throat, so don’t be soft; give it a go!

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