Sunday, 17 November 2013

Alco-Shops... Hotukdeals

The Alco-Shops feature is where I attempt to make you aware of interesting and useful places that you can use for buying booze, and with Christmas approaching, I thought I’d start a sequence of three posts that might help you out with your Christmas shopping, which officially started this week. So I want to introduce you to HotUKDeals, if you aren’t already aware of it, then next week (and the week after) I’ll move on to giving you some whisky buying advice, before moving on to some festive drinking activities. After that I’ll be in Canada indulging in some booze tourism while I visit the in-laws, but I will be back in January to start Drink It How You Like It’s third year of existence. How time flies when you’re drinking heavily…

Hotukdeals is basically a member site (though you don’t have to be a member) where people post all the bargains they’ve found online and in the shops. It covers nearly all genres of stuff, though some of the items make you wonder how people can be bothered to post about them at all (what?!). It could be something as inane as a Cadburys Crème Egg for 25p in Spar, or at the complete opposite end of the spectrum it could be a speedboat for £9000, reduced from £13500. This can be an invaluable resource when the time comes around for you to be thinking about what to buy people for Christmas. Sometimes you just don’t know what to get, do you? Well, just have a browse and you’ll be given bargain present ideas, and directed to various vouchers and sales.

More relevant to this blog though, is that you also get posts about cheap booze - one of the users actually provides a price comparison across a number of spirits in the main supermarkets, so that can be quite useful, especially if you’re stocking up for a party.

Occasionally you’ll see something you actually have to go and get. It niggles at you and forces you to go way out of your way, and the while time you’re on edge – what if they’ve run out by the time I get there?

I was recently forced to abscond from work for 45 minutes so that I could walk over to the nearest Asda where HotUKDeals had informed me they were selling bottles of Bruichladdich Rocks for £20 – an offer I couldn’t refuse. The normal price was quoted around £26, but I’ve seen it priced around £30 previously. The 20cl bottle my brother-in-law had given me the previous Christmas went down a treat, and I’d promised myself I’d buy a full size bottle the next time I got a chance. Well, here it was.

It did conflict with the other vow I’d made to myself about not buying another bottle until next month, but for some things you gots to make exceptions, and since it was a beautiful day, it made sense to sit out in the garden with it as soon as I got home.
Bruichladdich Rocks in the garden. Thanks. Hotukdeals!

 In general HotUKDeals is the sort of place that is worth checking every day if you get chance. Aside from being useful for providing present ideas, it’s saved me an unquantifiable amount of money in the years I’ve been visiting it. Equally it has probably inspired me to part with almost the same amount in buying things that I certainly wasn’t intending to buy before, but just seemed like too good a deal to miss ( I don’t know what I’m going to do with that speed boat…). It’s only money, isn’t it? You won’t even remember it next month.

That name again, it’s

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