Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Monster Cocktails - part 1: The Cowgirl

Welcome to part one of Monster Cocktails, a new feature about what happens when (potentially good) cocktails go bad.

First up, The Cowgirl. It’s a sexy sounding drink, consisting of peach schnapps and Baileys. Here it is:

That’s what it’s supposed to look like, anyway. The layered effect is achieved by pouring the Baileys on to a bar spoon placed over the peach schnapps [perhaps pouring the Schnapps onto the Baileys would make a Reverse Cowgirl?]. I didn’t have a bar spoon (or indeed the exact right kind of glass), but how different can a bar spoon be to a normal teaspoon? Oh.

My effort turned out like this. It looks cool as hell; like a brain floating in a jar but… you couldn’t serve that to someone.

I drank it anyway, but I was only getting the schnapps at first – which I actually enjoyed. The Baileys just kept itself to itself, well away from the lip of the glass. You may remember from an earlier story that I can’t drink peach schnapps anymore… well that turned out to be false. It’s just that I hadn’t tried. 

After a while I decided to bring the Baileys into the party, and mixed it up with my finger, but it just kind of congealed into a creamy pink sperm that had to be drunk in lumps and chewed. That killed off any enjoyment, and made me feel perhaps like I was the cowgirl…

I’m including a picture of the recipe for you, so please give this drink a go. Even if it goes wrong, it only costs a little bit of peach schnapps and little bit of Baileys (or Aldi’s Ballycastle) and if you could post the results on here, that would be great.


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  2. I used the same ingredients and got the same horrible result. It was as if the baileys had curdled. Best trick is to add grenadine and turn it into a brain haemorrhage.
    We had loads of Cowgirls in Sydney but we used Butterscotch Schnapps instead of Peach. They did not separate very easily when I made some just now but they did in Australia (or were they upside down - pommie joke). I tried again with a spoon this time and it separated perfectly, so it works in Shrewsbury too! Anyway butterscotch schnapps and baileys is a much better mix. My wife loves them!
    edit: just read your book excerpt above which talks about Cowboys. I had only ever heard of Cowgirls made with Butterscotch. It is a girlie drink so Cowgirls makes more sense.
    I used Archer too, nice to hear if others have the same problem.

  3. Thanks for the insight, and for reading! I have to say, I'm not a big fan of butterscotch, but should I come into possession of some, I'll give that a go.

  4. Hi me from Shrewsbury back again! We have a cocktail party every New Years Eve so now I have 3 bottles of Baileys! My sister in law had 6 bottles of Baileys (liters) she gave us one it was six years out of date. It did not taste right so my wife would not drink it but it was not bad. I drank it to no ill efffektttt.
    Anyway just to say you will love the Butterscotch Schnapps. It is not a strong butterscotch flavour even neat. Mine was cheapish and made by FD (whoever they are). I have drank a lot of these lately (hic) SO I CAN (sorry) so I can offer some advice.
    Make it in a small glass. 3 small glasses are 9 times better than one large glass. WHY?
    It is easier to separate in a small, narrow glass. If it does not stay separate you get that chewy coagulation. Got it; now taste it.
    The Baileys is on top and that hits you first but it is much sweeter. You know you are having a cocktail not just a glass of Baileys.
    Keep going, drink it through the barrier. Each sip it changes until you climax with almost pure sickly Butterscotch Schnapps. It is very sweet compared to Baileys. The aftertaste you are left with is strong on butterscotch and sickly sweet. If you don't like it have another; the Baileys will clear the palate!
    I made my Singapore Sling last a glorious hour in Raffles Long Bar but for drinking at home this really is a great drinking cocktail.

  5. Hey! Good of you to come back, and thanks for the update. I still haven't picked up the butterscotch schnapps, but I can assure you that I always have a cheeky bottle of Irish Cream on the go, so you never know.

    What are your thoughts on alternative brands to Bailey's?

    Well, anyway, keep on drinkin'.