Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Quick post: First impressions of Gibson's 12 Year Old

As usual, my interest in something (call it ‘obsession’ if you like) has led me to taking it too seriously, and has threatened to take all the fun that led to the interest in the first place… away.

Almost immediately after starting to write this blog I found myself – almost subconsciously – trying to analyse whatever I was drinking, rather than just enjoying it, as I used to a couple of days before. Goddammit! That wasn’t the point.

Anyway. I decided to crack open the Gibson’s 12 year old Canadian rye last night. And I decided to try it with ice. So far, it seems Canadian whiskies are best enjoyed with ice – though I did develop  a taste for the Crown Royal Black (which I drank a whole bottle of with only a little help) while in Canada over Christmas and New Year - with and without ice. Time will tell how the Gibson’s fares, though first impressions are that the flavour isn’t very strong. There’s a chance that this impression was down to the fact that my freezer door had been left partially open, and the ice was already beginning to melt, so perhaps they watered my drink down on entry. 

Nevertheless, in my experience it takes nearly a full bottle to make a judgement, so first impressions is what you get for now. Hopefully I’ll be able to make comparisons between the entry level Crown Royal, the slightly fancier Crown Royal Black and this Gibson’s 12 year old later on.

I actually neglected to take a fresh picture of it, but you can see it in the family booze porn (that sounds so wrong) from previous posts.